Mitsubishi Comeback in India with TVS Mobility Partnership

Mitsubishi Comeback in India

In a major development that has set the automotive industry abuzz, Mitsubishi Comeback in India. The Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors Corp, known for its innovative designs and robust vehicles, is set to re-enter the Indian Automotive landscape in partnership with TVS Mobility which is a leading player in the Multi-Brand Dealership in India.

Mitsubishi Comeback in India with TVS Mobility Collaboration

Mitsubishi Corp will own around 32% stake in the newly formed subsidiary TVS Mobility Solutions with an approx. investment of 300 crores and they want to re-enter into the market and together will sell multiple products such as passenger vehicles, heavy trucks for business and logistics equipments for warehousing. TVS Mobility already has brands like Honda and Renault, Mitsubishi joining the team they will work on expansion plans in other parts of the country and offer more car models.

India is currently the third largest car market in the world. The collaboration with TVS Mobility provides Mitsubishi with a strategic advantage by leveraging TVS Mobility’s established network and understanding of the Indian market could help Mitsubishi navigate challenges effectively. The partnership is not just about making a comeback; it’s about establishing a sustainable and long-term presence in one of the world’s fastest-growing Indian automotive markets.

Mitsubishi History in India

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi’s history in India traces back to 1998 when the Japanese automotive giant made its foray into the burgeoning Indian market. With a commitment to delivering reliable and technologically advanced vehicles, Mitsubishi quickly gained a foothold, earning the trust of Indian consumers.

One of Mitsubishi’s early successes in India was the Mitsubishi Lancer, a sleek and performance-driven sedan that resonated well with the country’s car enthusiasts. The Lancer became synonymous with Mitsubishi’s commitment to quality and innovation. Additionally, the Mitsubishi Pajero, an off-road SUV, garnered acclaim for its rugged capabilities, catering to the adventure-seeking Indian demographic.

Despite initial success, Mitsubishi faced challenges as the Indian automotive landscape evolved. In 2014, the company decided to halt manufacturing operations in India, marking a temporary exit from the market. This strategic move allowed Mitsubishi to reassess its approach, considering the changing dynamics and increasing competition.

Mitsubishi Cars Coming back to India ?

Mitsubishi does not have any immediate plans to bring back their car lineup in india anytime soon. We may expect Mitsubishi new products like X-Force SUV and New Pajero in 2026 through CBU/CKD route in India

Mitsubishi’s comeback in India is a strategic move that holds promise for both the company and Indian consumers. With a rich history of delivering reliable and innovative vehicles, Mitsubishi aims to make a lasting impact in the competitive Indian automotive market. As the company re-enters the scene in collaboration with TVS Mobility, all eyes are on the diverse and innovative range of vehicles it plans to introduce in near future.

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